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Welcome to the revised version of our research group’s web page. This website was updated and new features added.

If you have any suggestion on how to improve this website, please feel free to contact us at FBH.UALG@gmail.com

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About us

Our research group is part of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (former Department of Science and Technology of Aquatic Resources - UCTRA) of  University of Algarve at Faro, which is located in southern Portugal about 300 km from Lisbon.






Our Facilities

 Our facilities include a laboratory, fish-culture rooms (at the "Ramalhete" Station and at the LEOA Building) and offices. The “Ramalhete” Aquaculture Station is part of CCMAR and is situated in the Ria Formosa marine lagoon, Algarve. This station has several laboratories and is designed to breed and mantain several aquatic species used in scientific experiments (see map below)




A 50 m2 laboratory is located within the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences (former UCTRA) main building. Its equipped with an image analysis system, stereoscopical and amplification microscopes, otolith sawing system, equipment for nucleic acids extraction and quantification, and for histological proccessing.